Learning for all ages

The Nicholas Sonntag Marine Education Centre will provide ocean themed interpretive programs including indoor and outdoor interpretive guided tours, dissections, animal feedings, children’s crafts and play learning programs, “aquarist for a day” program, dock side programs, curriculum-linked school programs, ocean monitoring programs, summer camps, young naturalists clubs and more! 

All programs will be rooted in the Ocean Literacy Framework adopted nationwide.

Outreach programs will offer visitors, locals and students the opportunity to expand their visit to the Centre. If so inspired, visitors will be able to further their involvement in one of our outreach programs such as nature hikes, shoreline clean-ups, habitat rehabilitation projects, dive trips or aquarium exchange programs.

To make a close to zero environmental impact, the Society plans a release program. The release will be a community event bringing everyone to the Centre to help. “Release Day” is a great educational tool, promotional event and community builder when families come with their empty buckets to be filled with one of our hardy invertebrates to be gently released into the harbour where they
were found.