Within the 1,200-square-foot centre, up to 30 live animal exhibits will beautifully display local intertidal and sub-tidal marine and some fresh water species and will replicate their underwater habitat. The Centre will prioritize the display of the following species: crabs, prawns, herring, scallops, clams, geoduck, urchins, sea cucumber, flounder, sablefish, oysters, octopus, salmon and jellies.

Other hardy invertebrate animals commonly seen along BC’s shores may also be displayed including sea stars, sea anemones, hermit crabs, nudibranchs, barnacles, eelgrass, sand dollars, perch, wolf eel and amphipods. Acrylic exhibits, many of which are 360° viewing exhibits, will allow for close sensory interactions unavailable elsewhere.

Underwater dock cameras, live marine mammal listening station, video microscopes, a children’s play/craft area, retail space, storage, sink(s), aquarist supplies, library and seating area(s) will be amongst the exhibits.

Water and Life Support System
Sitting only about 500 meters from the harbour’s edge, the Centre will pump raw, clean, cold seawater into the exhibits. Pumps, chillers, sumps, filters, lighting and bubbler systems are all a part of a comprehensive life support system for live animal displays. 

The Society’s volunteer Board of Directors, the Centre’s volunteer Committee and expert partners have collective experiences in aquarium start-up, public education, non-profit management, marine research, specimen collections, volunteer management, fundraising, and integrated coastal zone management. They all possess a passion for marine education and see the untapped potential of an organization like this and the immeasurable impact it could have on our people, province, and blue planet. 

We are confident that the Centre will positively impact those who enter, the organizations we partner with, the community as a whole and the oceans in their entirety.