October 19, 2018: 1st Community Release at Nicholas Sonntag Marine Education Centre

The Nicholas Sonntag Marine Education Centre is a unique, community-based collect and release aquarium. We collect animals locally from the surrounding marine waters of the Sunshine Coast and bring them into the Centre for temporary residency. We do this in order to allow visitors and locals alike to be introduced to our incredible local marine life, to learn about them and their unique adaptations, and in turn to care about them. 

The week of October 15, 2018, the Sonnag Center had its first Community Release. The public was invited to participate in sending the animals back to their natural habitats. Here are a few photos from our very first Release Day presented in partnership with BC Ferries' SeaForward program. 

 April 1, 2019: 2nd Community Release at Nicholas Sonntag Marine Education Centre

Building on our vision to foster an educated community that actively cares for the oceans we successfully celebrated our 2nd community release day on April 1st, 2019. On this day over a hundred ocean ambassadors were released from their temporary habitats in our community aquarium back to their natural environment. These animals were gently carried back to sea by volunteers, staff and community members of all ages. We love this event as it bridges the connection from the learning world to the living world. The release days helps raise awareness of the incredible biodiversity in the Howe Sound and Salish Sea, the first step in sustaining healthy Coastal life.