We are grateful to our donors and partners whose contributions enable our Society to operate an inspiring community aquarium and to offer engaging educational and community programming – all towards a vision of fostering an educated community that actively cares for the health of our oceans.

This Year’s Community and Corporate Partners


Orca Partnership

($50,000+ cash & in kind benefits)

BC Ferries and SeaForward

Dolphin Partnership.png

Pacific White-sided Dolphin Partnership

($25,000+ cash & in kind benefits)

Barby and Karl Paulus

Harbour Seal Partnership.png

Harbour Seal Partnership

($10,000+ cash & in kind benefits)

Unni and Fred Claridge

Barb Cochran and Peter Grant

Doreen Oosterhuis & Doug Marteinson

Joanie and David Tara

School District 46 (Sunshine Coast)

Salmon Partnership.png

Salmon Sponsorship

($5,000+ cash and in kind benefits)

Debbie and Amadeu Amaral

Barby and Karl Paulus

Touchstone at Gospel Rock

This Year’s Rockfish Charm Donors

Each Rockfish charm represents a $500 donation

Schools of Rockfish charms:

  • 100 Women Who Care Sunshine Coast (8 x Rockfish charms)

  • Bob Crawford (8 x Rockfish charms)

  • Bruce and Lis Welch and family (6 x Rockfish charms)

  • Greenwave Marine (5 x Rockfish charms)

  • Errol Lipschitz and Judy Rother (4 x Rockfish charms)

  • Sverre Family:  Dave, Christy, Carl and John (4 x Rockfish charms)

  • Hetherington Family:  Joann, Patricia and Sarah (3 x Rockfish charms)

  • McDonald/Robertson Family:  Pete, Michelle and Pam (3 x Rockfish charms)

  • Betty and Ken Oka and Kenna Danyliw (3 x Rockfish charms)

  • Doug and Sheila Rogers (3 x Rockfish charms)

  • Sunshine Kayaking (2 x Rockfish charms)

  • All Tides Consulting (2 x Rockfish charms)

  • Amanda Amaral, Simone and Eloise White (2 x Rockfish charms)

  • Freedom Diving Systems (2 x Rockfish charms)

  • Sally Graham (2 x Rockfish charms)

  • RR Smith Community Fund (2 x Rockfish charms)

Individual donors of Rockfish charms:

  • Penny Albers

  • Heather Blackwood

  • Carol Carr-Anderssen

  • Anne Duffy

  • John Enveldson

  • Rhidian Gatrill

  • Franziska Kaltenegger

  • Maureen McBeath

  • Joanne Pearson and Wayne Rowe

  • Charles Stephens

  • Adam Sikander

  • TD Bank

Past Donors and Partners

Community and Corporate Partners:

  • Debbie and Amadeu Amaral ($5,000)

Schools of Rockfish Charm Donors:

  • The Rotary Club of Gibsons (8 x Rockfish charms)

  • Debbie and Amadeu Amaral (2 x Rockfish charms)

  • Barby and Karl Paulus (2 x Rockfish charms)

  • Bruce and Lis Welch and family (6 x Rockfish charms)

We are grateful to the generous community supporters who helped us envision and equip our community aquarium:

  • Our strategic partners: Town of Gibsons, Community Futures and Sunshine Coast Community Foundation

  • Our amazing 350+ volunteers and hundreds of donors

  • Our major contributors who supported our capital campaign: Island Coast Economic Trust, TELUS, Government of Canada, Province of BC, Washington Foundation (Seaspan), Craftsman Collision, and the family and friends of Nicholas Sonntag.

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