exploration + learning... for all ages

Our 1,200 square foot aquarium showcases 30 exhibits of local marine life collected from nearby harbours and bays. Explore the habitats at your own pace or connect with one of our staff or volunteer interpreters who will be happy to tell you a bit about some of the 70+ species on display.

Our team is happy to coach you if you wish to reach into one of the "touch tanks" and feel the spines of a prickly sea urchin! Visitors between the ages of 3 and 81 enjoy learning about the secret lives of species from Howe Sound's inter-tidal and sub-tidal zones. We are sure you will find something interesting here.

The Centre prioritizes the display of the crabs, prawns, herring, scallops, clams, geoduck, urchins, sea cucumber, flounder, sablefish, oysters, salmon and jellies. Hardy invertebrate animals are also displayed including sea stars, sea anemones, hermit crabs, nudibranchs, eelgrass, sand dollars, perch and amphipods.

After a short stay at the Centre, animals will be released back to their environment. This forward-thinking “collect-and-release” policy is unique to only three other aquarium societies in Canada, making the Centre a leader in the field of ocean conservation practices and animal care standards. "Release days" will be memorable events organized with community groups and volunteers.

Repeat visits are encouraged as special interactive exhibits are displayed for limited time and the habitats are constantly evolving. Our annual pass makes this easy.